Issue while Spying an element that disappear as soon as i try to spy it

I need to spy an element that normally is not visible on the web page. It’s part of a pop up list. Basically first I need to click an image of a magnifying glass–> a list of options appears–> click the options I need. The problem here is that as soon as i move away from the glass with the cursor the list disappears, preventing me from spying the actual element i need. In fact, I click f2 in spying mode, I click the magnifying glass and I can see the element in the list , but as soon as the timer goes to zero (f2 timer, so when i go back to spying mode) the element disappear and its impossible to spy it. Any suggestion? i tried with recording mode, thought it worked out but apparently it’s not able to see the element and click it.

Hi @Adell90

Try to use F2 function multiple times to increase the timer.


I thank you for you answer, unfortunately didn’t work out. I manage to spy it tho with click image.

Which application type: Web, Desktop, SAP…?
Can you share screenshot and if possible some details from the Elementstructure (e.g. UiExplorer) of the neighbourhood from the magnifying glass element?

In this case you should either use a shortcut if it’s available.

If not, I suggest you hover over the magnifying glass and then take a screenshot using (Window+Shift+S), because it blocks the image on the screen, after that use the image of the screenshot to click image on the option you want.

Good luck.