Issue while sending string variable with special characters through send secure SMTP mail

Hello All,

I am using send secure SMTP mail activity with html mail body and need to send a string variable contains combination of special characters.
Example : String variable value is &HC<&<>wd#£(ghgsk*)
Send secure SMTP mail activity used with body in html format. When I try to send mail with mail body as :My variable is : variable value then actual received mail body is
My variable is : &HC

Here string variable got truncated . Any hel on this issue is appreciated.


  • Any help on this issue is appreciated.

We can escape the string
option 1:

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When Project is set to Windows (targetframework) we can also easy use:

Your variable isn’t getting truncated. Some of those are special characters being interpreted as HTML code.

Try this:




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This option resolved my issue. Thank you @ppr

Thank you @postwick for the solution

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