Issue While Sending Saved PDF Files dynamically from Outlook

Hello Friends, I have 6 Company Profile Name Excel Sheet. I am searching for Company Profile pdf in Google and downloading Company Profile Pdf in Folder. I am sending mail with downloaded company profile pdf from Folder in attachment in SendOutlookMail. I have created variable ‘clientCompanyPath’ and given path of File name in that variable, and given variable in Arguments in Attachment in Send Outlook Mail.
But While running Process, I am getting error as-: Cannot find this file. Verify the file name and path is correct. I tried to debug process. In clientCompanyPath. I am getting double slash in variable. I am attaching workflow, Excel file and Error Screenshot. Please suggest proper solution to this problem.
You can also send me corrected flow on mail id-:

CompanyProfilesPDF.xlsx (9.7 KB)
DownloadSearchCompanyProfileFromExcel.xaml (25.8 KB) (3.5 MB)

Rohit Lanjewar

@RohitSuperCool009 if i look at your logs, pdf name seems incorrect. it doesn’t has the .pdf extension. check the file name.


Hey Thanks! Vikas! for early response. I would check for file name and .pdf extension and would let you know for any issues.

Rohit Lanjewar