Issue while sending Outlook email using .msg file

I have been facing weird issues while using .msg file as template to send emails.
Not sure if such issue has been discussed prior.

*When we Open outlook 2016 for the first time - I am able to open a .msg file using START PROCESS and enter To address and click send. IT works, no issue.
*Immediately if I try to open .msg file again and send a new email to a different person, having outlook open. After clicking Send, the email is stuck. Even as a human I am not able to send it. [Send button is visible but no action after click]
*Manually I am able to send more than one email using .msg while Outlook is open.

Workaround found -
*If we close outlook and try to send emails using .msg file. There was no issue. I was able to send multiple emails without issue.
*OR Close and reopen outlook, each time I have to email using .msg file.

Has anyone faced such situation and do you have a robust solution for such issue.