Issue while provisioning robot to Orchestrator




Provision robot to Orchestrator url- “

Steps to reproduce:

Connecting robot to orchestrator

Current Behavior:

Error while connecting robot to orchestrator

Expected Behavior:

Robot should be provisioned

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:



Hi @Naveen

What Studio version do you have? And can you give us the exact steps you did to connect?

You first have to provision the robot and the connect it from Robot tray for example.

I tested this with Studio Community Edition(2017.1.6435) and it connected successfully to


Hi @ovi I have been using the stable version 2016.2.6344. I was able to provision the robot earlier but recently i am encountered with such issue. Can you provide the url you have been using to provision robot.

Yes I do the same, provision the robot in orchestrator and then connect it from the robot tray.



Hi @Naveen

I provisioned the robot on orchestrator:

Then simply connecting it from robot tray with Robot key and Orchestrator URL.

Please restart the Robot service and try again.


Hi Naveen
I got an error while i am trying connect robot to orchestrator

the error


can you provide the details that you gave while configuring orchestrator?


Yes i was provide the details as same as orchestrator configuration but it is showing again same error and i also provide the my system credentials isn’t also not working