Issue while opening a website as a different user


When I am opening any website as a different user, Uipath is unable to inspect any element. The whole website opens in ‘OCR’ mode.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance!


Yes the extension will be installed for that particular user only. We have to install it to other users also if you need it.

Hi @Chand - So the thing is it will not work I have tried everything means everything for almost 15 days we have discussed this part only and at last we have to move forward with OCR only.
I have installed the UiPath extension for the other user as well and logged in with that user but it will activate the UiPath extension but it will not work.
Another case I have installed the extension but not manually logged in with that system after that even extension didn’t get activated.
I have installed extension globally even that didn’t work.

Hope it will help you.

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but are you talking about community edition? Cause one thing you need to understand is for uipath to be able to work, applications must live in the same user… so community edition is installed under the logged in user, also is chrome browser and several common applications…