Issue while open already opened excel files in windows server 2008

I have been working with 8 opened macro excel files.
now I want to view and do some copy paste automation process in those opened macro excel files windows server 2008.
I used to specific excel file using Excel application scope, read range activity
I get this error
then I used get active window activity

I get this error

Could anyone help me to resolve this issue?

Thanks in Advance

you cant use the excel readrange activity while it is open

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I already tried buddy but that’s not working

In order to operate with excel data you need to have spreadsheet closed.


okay, So finally can I close the spreadsheet one by one ?

Sure :slight_smile: You have specific activity Close Application for that case.

Thanks for the reply, but am having issue with excel.As I said earlier , within the 8 opened excel sheets I need to (view) one by one open and work with any specific excel to do the manual job like click , select, copy and paste automation process. could you help me please,

So you need to make robot exactly what you are doing step by step. Like:

  1. Open excel file
  2. Copy this, click this
  3. Close excel file
  4. Open another one
  5. Paste data copied from first excel.

You need to build robot so it will do same things in same order as you do it manually.

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