Issue while installing uipath 2019.12

I downloaded the 2019.12 (beta release) setup file from While installing, studio and Robot it is not getting installed in local machine. It is only directly opening the studio. I want to try Agent Desktop features. Anyone please help me on this issue.

You will get the robot agent here : C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\UiPath . Studio will be opened and you need to double click on agent to open. Can you check this


i faced similar issue where it doesnt install rather installable directly opens the studio. Retried again , it worked. please try to install again.

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Thanks Hareesh… I am able to find Robot now in AppData.

sure… Thanks Arun.

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I am not able to find Agent desktop features. Schedule Widget in robot tray. Can u please help me on this.

have you completed the level 2 trainings in orchestrator @Raveena? We have option to schedule the bots in orchestrator but not in robot tray :slight_smile: . tray is to connect studio with orchestrator

I want to try Agent Desktop new feature in 2019.11 version. It is in preview stage.

Are you worrying about to scedule Attended process but you don’t have Orchestrator then don’t worry. Now UiPath introduced new feature in latest release (2019.11) to schedule process through Agent Desktop and its in Preview Stage.

If you are eagerly waiting to test this new feature then go to Help section in UiPath Studio and switch to Preview channel and restart UiPath studio. Those who are already on Preview channel will be auto updated.

Agent Desktop introduces a new type of widget called “Schedule”. It allows for scheduling attended processes. When the schedule triggers, this will remind the user that a process was scheduled to start and ask for run permission.

This procedure starts from the presumption that you already developed and published project from UiPath Studio.

  1. Go to System Tray and click on UiPath Robot icon. In this Robot window, you will find two widgets.a) Process List - It will show list of all published processes from UiPath studio in that machine.
    b) Schedule Widget - We can schedule published processes. Its new feature.

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@HareeshMR please let me know if u have any idea about this new feature. I installed uipath 2019.12 version (preview). As per your suggestion I opened robot agent (robot tray). But I didnt find any changes in robot tray like process list, schedule widget as mentioned above.

@Raveena Am able to see it in the robot in tray. Can you post a screenshot of your robot tray?

My version is uipath 2019.12.



Try doing a uninstall - install of UiPath. It should work.

I tried uninstall and install as well. Can you please tell me the version of your uipath (2019.11 or 2019.12).