Issue while configuring a process which uses Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint connector in UiPath Orchestrator

Hello Community,

I am working on a demo to download multiple files from a desired folder in SharePoint by using UiPath Integration Services. Connector used here is “Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint”.

Studio: 22.10.5
Orchestrator: Automation Cloud (Enterprise License)
Activities Package: UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v2.1.1

Following is the screenshot from Studio on how activities are configured:

Issues in Activity Panel:
a. You cannot find/configure the item name in For-Each activity. if you use Ctrl + Space in child activities in For-Each, you will be able to see CurrentItem variable available to use.
b. In child activity, you have to re-configure connection. It does not uses parent activity connection.
c. In download file activity, you cannot provide target download location

I configured my connections in both activities and also the desired path to be read. To download the files, I passed a variable in Download File activity. While running the same in Studio has worked fine as I have provided all the required resources.

Now, after publishing the package, I have started to create a process out of it. In Package requirements screen, you can configure the values for Integration related activities.

Issues in Orchestrator:

a. While, I have configured the connection and activity values but in Download File activity, I have already passed the value as a variable, why the value needs to be configured here. Also, it shown here as mandatory field which adds to the confusion.
b. Even if, we go ahead to configure the value, it does not show options related to SharePoint, it only show options of OneDrive.

Could anyone help on this or provide some inputs?

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  1. Yes currentitem is not configurable as of now in this activity…in most of modern you would see this
  2. Yes again in modern each needs separate connection…needs improvement here
  3. Try using classic download file activity …that will provide the option…these are developed for studio web mainly and as studio web runs on cloud bots…they dont have a loca to download hence the change…
  4. Coming to the connection i beleive if you leaves id for file empty it would default it to the variable you used so it should not stop the process…please try the same

Hope this helps


Hey @rpafactory,

Thank you for your feedback. This is very valuable to us, and we will consider them for future improvements.

For Activity Panel:

  1. Indeed, you cannot configure the item name in For-Each activity, and this is by design. What would be the scenario where you would want to rename it?
  2. All activities use the Default Connection by default regardless if they are parent or child activities. We have an improvement where the activity uses the Connection of the previous activity by default. Would this fit your needs?
  3. For Download File Activity, the file is downloaded into Temp. If you want to download it to a specific location for now, you have the following steps to do:
    1. Download File Activity
    2. Path Exist using downloadedFile.LocalPath propriety to retrieve a Local IResource
    3. System Move File Activity
      NB: We are considering some improvements here for a better UX.


  1. In Orchestrator, we offer the possibility to Override the Connection and Bindings (Files in your example) so you can use different configurations in Dev vs Production. If you don’t change the connection or bindings, the process will use the ones you configured in Studio.
  2. This seems to be a bug.

If you have further feedback or issues don’t hesitate to post them on forum.

The classis Google Drive upload files activity (Gsuite, Google Workspace version 2.5.6) seems to run into the same issue of not being able to use a variable in the Destination folder property in unattended mode. In the orchestrator in process configuration it is required to fill in a upload destination, while in studio it is a variable.
Has anyone a solution for this problem? Using the not classic Google Drive upload file activity regularly gives the error Drive service is invalid.