Issue while Capturing Table from PDF

I am trying to capture table from PDF opened in Adobe. I was able to do in 2021 release but now in 2022.10.3 version I am unable to do so. when I try to capture the table it selects whole page instead of table element. and gives following error-

Hello @bhupeshsingh

Are you using the Table extraction feature?


Hope in older version and in the new version you are trying with the same file. Also try to change the frame and give it a try(button f4)


yes @Rahul_Unnikrishnan I am using table extraction feature

not working
actually i have invoice pdf where i want to capture multiple tables. in previous version i was able to do it through table extraction feature but in latest release it is not working.

Is this table extraction working for some other tables? Can you try it in some web page?


it is working for web pages but not for pdfs even if opened in browser.
when i try pdf opened in browser it selects whole table instead of an element


Can you check the similar post as the Ui automation is not working.

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Thanks actually it hasn’t solved the table extraction activity issue but i’ve got better solution.

@bhupeshsingh How you have resolved the issue? Is it working as expected now?