Issue using cv screen scope

Im trying to type data into a website using cv type into but they require me to place it inside a cv screen scope to do it which has some issue.

Hi @julian_ho
In order to interact with Ui using Computer Vision, you need to provide a key. Follow the steps in the popup to get the key from Orchestrator (Usually visible in the Admin => Licence page)


For using Computer vision you require API Key & url in orchestrator you have API Key but this one you can able to use that in testing while developing.


any alternatives, i dont have a key…


In orchestrator you have api key open it & check the key use it, Alternate way is need to buy a api from uipath


The community free Plan provides an API key for using Computer Vision.
Login to Community Orchestrator and get the key in the licences page.
Should look like this:

how do i login? is it on a website…

@julian_ho here’s the lik:

where do i get my machine key?

This is where i get it:

Otherwise, if you use Uipath studio while logging to Orchestrator you won’t need to provide a key,
it will automatically be extracted from Orchestrator.

got it thanks alot

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sorry new problem after i got the api key… what is wrong?

This happens when there are internet connection issues.
Are you using a proxy?

using this thing called remote desktop from my school

This explains it. Uipath studio is unable to connect to the computer vision APi.
Now if you know what the proxy is you can configure it. Otherwise, it won’t work.
Try with a different internet connexion.

ah man, is there really no alternatives for typing data into websites?

Can’t you use the regular Type into activity without computer vision?
Can you share the website you’re trying to type to?

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oh yea i just realised… thanks for all the help tho

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