Issue to extract web data to excel

Hi everyone !

I’m new to using StudioX and I’m having a problem with extracting data to Excel.
When I use “Data extraction” to retrieve data from a website, I can’t choose the excel file where the data should be sent.

To train myself, I tried to follow this exercise (Tutoriel : extraction de données de table d’une page Web et modification de ces données dans Excel) and I have the same problem.

At step 3.8, I am supposed to choose the destination file but it does not appear. Only the Notebook appears…

I followed all the steps one by one and I started several times.I also installed the EXCEL add-in on IPATH, and I uninstalled and reinstalled Excel but nothing happens.

If anyone can help me please, thank you so much !

Hi @wushu19 ,

As per your post I understood that you already have excel extension in your studiox. In that case close your project notebook xls and open your desired excel which you want to wrote the table data and start indicate from the Excel table data activity select the excel sheet. Thanks.

Hi @wushu19

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as per the screenshot you shared, you are using Extract Data Table so you are not getting the option to get the destination file. Use “Use Excel File” activity and you will be able to proceeds after 3.8 step

hope this is helpful

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