Issue : skipping next step after using messagebox

i checked with everyone no one gone through such scenario so in my current project i am using one messagebox to show data after that typing into transaction field bit after clicking on ok button of messagebox, it is not typing into it, able to highlight element but no idea why typing is not happening.

Application is SAP

is it throws any exception.

nooo, it just not typing the next step as i remove that messagebox it working fine

@amruta_pawar could you show me the flow…

flow can not share


Please try the following options:

  1. try adding some delays after the message box and see what happens.
  2. Use Wait Element Vanish (To wait until the message box vanishes) and then do the next step.
  3. Try to capture the output of the message Box (Properties - Output).
    Then add an If activity to check if the Output variable has a value of Ok then do the next steps.
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