Issue selecting target on screen

Hi all,

I’m a newbie, using Studio-x Community for Windows. I’m trying to create an automation that selects a file from a list in a browser file explorer window. First, I use application/browser, then I click and type my file name into the search bar. Then, after a forced delay, I want to click on the top-ranking file that was found. But the selector does not let me access that part of the browser window. Instead, it restricts my selection region to the search bar. How do I tell it to step out of that region and define my region as the entire window? I’ve tried creating a new use browser activity in the next step, but even that doesn’t help. I’m sure I’m missing something basic.

Thank you!

Before trying to select the target, press “F2” key…This gives you 5 secs time to do any actions before the target selector is active again…In this 5 secs, you can click the mouse out of the search bar and then select the desired file.