Issue selecting item from floating boundlist

Hello, I am new to UIPath and I am having an issue selecting an item from a floating boundlist. I am able to click into the box to populate the dropdown selections, but have been unsuccessful in selecting the correct variable. I tried writing to the field, but once I leave the field the information that was written in disappears. Any thoughts?

@jschuckmann Can you send the Screenshot of the Boundlist, Is it like a Dropdown?

@jschuckmann Have you tried using Select Item Activity ?

I have, but when I click on the box I get a pop up that “This control does not support select item”. You have to click in that box in order for the list to populate.

@jschuckmann Type Into Activity ?

Tried that as well. It will allow me type into it but as soon as I leave that box it returns the value back to .

@jschuckmann When you type the Data Manually without Sending A Enter Key after typing and if you click outside the Box, Does it remain or go blank?

It goes blank. I currently have it configured to type into as a variable that is being pulled from another step. One thing I did just notice is that if I simply type “1” after clearing none and hit tab, it populates the remaining statement and does in fact stay. Is there a way to only pull down the number from my variable and use that as a type into?

@jschuckmann I guess it was because of the Tab , the value Stayed in there, don’t you think :sweat_smile:, Also you can use a variable in a Type into with the value provided to it

If I type the entire variable (selection indicated in the list) and hit tab it disappears. So I guess I need to use the variable as simply the number only and then hit tab.

It was the tab… It helps when you spell everything correctly in the variable name :woman_facepalming:

@jschuckmann Ohh , So there was a Problem in proper string value? Is it working fine now?

Yes, everything is fine now! finger was spelled as fnger, so since it did not match it was clearing the selection. Thank you so much for the quick responses!

@jschuckmann Good Going. You’re Welcome :smile:

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