Issue selecting a day from an excel sheet to a web page date picker on Studio X

Hi Everyone,

I am using Studio X and running into an issue when I try to select a day on the date picker from an excel sheet.

I am using an excel sheet to automate data into a web page, each row has a specific processing day, month and year I used the select menu item to extract the year and month successfully into the date picker but I can not get it to select the correct day. I have tried select item, and click but I can’t get it to work.

All the tutorials I have found only refer to methods for Uipath Studio and using assign to correct the variables but this is not an option on Studtio X.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


Hello @Kathleen_Hughes,

I have never used Studio X, but is not there some click text activity for example?

In studio, when I have this situation as you, I use click text activity, and the selector I try that always the selector click range is the whole square of the calendar.

I hope it helps!

Hi Angel, I have tried the click activity and I can get it to assign a same date but what I need is for the automation to check the assigned excel sheet and apply the date from the data in the row and each has a different day.
I don’t know how to apply to in the selector the code to check the excel sheet the only option discussed that I can find is using assign which is not available in the studito x.


Can we try type into activity and pass the column as a value here? instead of clicking the each item. if we’ve chance to type then why can’t we use type into?


How is your date value inside excel? Because you will need to split this info by Day, Month, Year so you can click on the calendar. You can try with Type text activity.

Could you send a screenshot of your data?


Hi @Kathleen_Hughes ,

In Studiox also we do have same concept equal to assign activity is save for later.

in advanced editor you could do some calculations and achieve your requirement. thanks.

Thanks @THIRU_NANI the type into activity worked thanks for your help

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