Issue running in a Virtual Machine

Hi there!

I have a issue, I’m trying to run in a Virtual Machine, in my computer ran perfect, but when I want to try in the virtual machine, working in citrix I have a issue, I need to click in an image, But it is like the robot clicked in the position where it was the last click before this one and then move to the image, I guess that this is the problem because I put the delay between the last click and this one and I can see the mouse in this position then clicked there and then it move to the image where should click.

Other thing, this problem happens when I try to run the robot when I connect to the VM from the server, when I connect from remote desk from my computer also ran perfect.

Any idea ?

well I think that the problem was a lag in the VM, was a little tricky. I just changed the position where clicked before and now works fine.