Issue resolution stuck to 800x600 - Orchestrator Robot unattended, LoginToconsole = True


When running a robot unattended via the orchestrator, it will run the program on a 800x600 resolution no matter what we have in the UiPath.settings files.

“LoginToConsole”: true,
“ResolutionWidth”: 1920,
“ResolutionHeight”: 1080,
“ResolutionDepth”: 32,
“LowLevelTracing”: true,


I guess even if you mention the resolution, the remote desktop has to support.

" If LoginToConsole is true , the resolution is limited by the graphical card of the robot machine (which might be as low as 800x600 in some cloud environments), otherwise the resolution for a simulated RDP connection is restricted by RAM (which would generally be more permissive)."

More details about this -

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for your feedback. I totally understand that part. Question is how can I raise this limit of resolution. My graphic card works of course at a higher resolution than 800x600, so that’s not a limitation here. Does it mean to have more RAM in order to fix that? Then the robot will start running as it is written in the UiPath.settings files?
I have much doubt about that. Do you have concrete experiences and cases where RMA was a limitation?

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Luckily I have not faced any issues w.r.t resolution.
Because of some limitations (resolution, login etc.,) these issues are keep coming.
Waiting for stable release from UIPath for Remote Machine automation.

Please try to restart uirobot services, after you update uipath.settings file.

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