Issue replacing wait element vanish


I have the following situation:

  • click on some button in a web app
  • after 1-2 seconds a loading div appears over the app and it takes between 5 to 10 seconds to go away
  • screen and info changes according to my previous actions


  • I’m using classic process and Wait element vanish waits for the loading div to appear then disappear
  • If I try to move to modern design and use Application state it sees in the 1-2 seconds before the div appears that there is no div and goes further with the execution

How do you solve this? Shouldn’t it function just like Wait element vanish?


I think in modern design experience we have option under the activity check app state.

There we have option like Wait for (appear/disappear) - on element disappear we can use to achieve the requirement you mentioned.

This is what I have wrote. I know that check app state replaces it, but it does not have the same behavior… Maybe replacing with wait for appear + another one with wait for disappear would get the same functionality

Sorry i misunderstood application state with use check app state. As you correctly mentioned we have to do some work around on these option to achieve your issue.