Issue regarding Google review

I want to scroll and scrape all google review data of a particular company, So how could I do that. As of now I m using send hotkey for scrolling but that’s not convenient. And another thing is that after scarping I want to store it in excel, for every company’s review new file should be created. Help Regards

Hi @shivam_rao
we can use send hot key activity with key pgdn within retry scope activity where
–keep the send hot key activity in the top session of retry scope and use a element exists activity down in the condition and choose the element until where you want to scroll down…and increase the number of retries to the maximum number in the retry scope activity property
we can use hover activity buddy
for more info hover activity

Cheers @shivam_rao

If you are can clicking anywhere in that page at review data session then you can try to use simulate click option , if you check this option no need to use hootkey and of pgg down

Thanks for the response. I think retry scope will work but how much reviews are undefined, means one company has 10 and another has 50 so what is the maximum number of retries is there i can apply


Mention as 100 buddy or even 1000
The reason is even it occurs before this count will stop, that doesn’t matter, but don’t keep less than 10
Cheers @shivam_rao

But even after it reached last review, the process after the is not immplemented it stops it.

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I didnt get that buddy
kindly come again once pls
Cheers @shivam_rao

It stops the process from running. Nothing is happening after that. Even exception is not throwing.
And what element should I indicate at the last as there is no unique element is there.

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