Issue recording a 2nd web browser sequence

Hoping for some help here.

I’ve been able to use the web recorder with Firefox for accessing gmail website and running a series of bot actions, but when I move further down in my sequence and attempt to run a series of bot actions in another website it fails. The recorder works, but the Bot can’t get past the first action of logging in or any other actions after the browser is opened.

Is there a limitation on the number of websites 1 bot can take action in?

Thank you.

Buddy @jbeaud

Welcome to uipath community, thats a great question to start with

Great, coming to the point, NO, there is no such criteria that the uipath bot is limited only to certain no of websites…
So when you use web recorder i hope you would have used F2 to pause for 4 seconds to switch to next window or by any other mean if you have switched, once the recording is done,
Kindly check once whether a attach window activity or attach browser(if web browsers) is added to the newly switched window or browser
Buddy I hope reason why bot can’t get past the first action of logging in or any other actions has no way got impact of this, anyhow if so kindly check again if attach window is there as a container with full selector…and check whether the simulateclick or sendwindowmessage property, then click beforetype property of typeinto activity is enabled, kindly if not enable it

Hope this would help you buddy


Thank you for your response @Palaniyappan . I’m happy to hear there isn’t a limitation on # of websites or it would kill my entire project.

The 1st browser that I had success with was closed and then I did some bot actions with a PDF and Excel. The next stage in my process is leveraging the staged data in excel to take action in a different website. I’m able to open the browser fine, but for some reason the web recording appears to work, but doesn’t when I run the BOT. I tried some of your suggestions, but still no luck. I even tried Gmail again to see if maybe it was related to the specific website I’m trying to use, but I have the same issue. I added delays and checked/tested suggested boxes, but no luck.

Wondering if there’s something simple I’m overlooking in my workflow. There’s no parallel action at this point or decision process so I’m at a loss. Going to reboot and work on later.

Thanks again.

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