Issue published packages protection level

As we all know if you publish a package from studio it will be sent into : “C:\Users\xxxx.nuget\packages” and can not be accessed with studio/notepad(++) due its protection level in that location.

BUT, if you move it on desktop (the published version “…”) you can access it with studio/notepad(++).
How can we solve this problem?

Hi @iuli217,
Do you want to have restriction on file copied to desktop and don’t want to have restriction in .nuget folder?

It was ok to have it restricted, like it is in the published folder.

If we are talking about environment/enterprise use case the proper approach is to restrict user access to this folder. It will be accessible by system to use in context to user but user itself will be not able to access it. It’s a common DFS/Share setting I saw in almost every environment I was working on.