Issue on chrome extension

Hi all am facing the issue as

but using chrome web store have installed the browser extension! but still its not working and still blue screen error continues when spy the element :frowning:
as per the guideline of this Chrome Extension Troubleshooting
checked internal issue of mine got these issue as per screenshot image
and while doing this For full traces instructions says like

  1. Open the Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\UiPath key.
  3. Double-click the WebExtensionTrace DWORD value. The Edit DWORD Value window is displayed.
  4. In the Value Data field, change the value to 1, and click OK . The value is saved.

but when i open my directory inside the s/w there was no uipath :frowning:(

i dont know how to solve this :frowning:
can some help me to solve this !!!

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Hi @naveen19,

By closing all the chrome windows. Try to add the chrome extension from UiPath,

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bro did still not working :disappointed_relieved: still blue screen issue was there!

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I saw this type of issue with UiPath. I have removed UiPath extension and added it again. It worked for me. Do one thing restart the machine and inspect. It will work.



After installation, Have you restarted Chrome ?

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Yes tries as u said … Still blue screen error :sob:

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You reinstaled uipath and chrome?

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Yes did that too! Tried all possible ways but not working…

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Try internet explorer if it work you ill have bad configuration at chrome.

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No checked that too , it’s not working on IE… So thing is on extension & uipath studio hope so

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go to Chrome-setting-enable uipath.

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Wich Uipath extension Version do you have? I think that the last one is with issues.

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@naveen19 go to UiPath - Chrome Web Store
and install the extension and then restart chrome.

verify by going to chrome://extensions → uipath extension shuold be enabled

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this is what i have

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yes did @AalpeA :frowning: still issue not resolved

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@ArunVelaayudhanG yes as you mentioned i did but still blue screen error! at extreme try 've changed my OS to win 10 pro but still same issue :frowning:

Hi @naveen19,
Add UiPath extension using below link

Restart UiPath and try again


do all steps again. this time close your chrome go in uipath enable your extension.
Open your chrome again you will see this pop up.
enable the extension

UNTIL you see this , it wont work.


Tried as u said but not working :frowning:
check this UiPath - Chrome Web Store
they also gave review like its wont work! what is the alternative way for this !

i got this pop-up and enabled the extension too ! but not working :frowning: