Issue of Conversion All Html table sheet data dynamically into Word document

I am currently working on the process of converting table in different HTML Sheets into word document. But only one sheet data is getting converted and stored into word file as table for only sheet in html. I have used Data Scrapping for Scrapping separate sheet data of Html browser.
But the issue is that I am not able to convert multiple sheets data into separate table in word document. It means that the requirement for my process is that single html tab should be converted to single table with title and table in word document.

For example-: For html sheet table data of [Gainers-HDFCLIFE] table should be displayed in word document as with title -: Gainers-HDFCLIFE and table data into word document.
And for [Gainers-HDFCBANK] should be displayed in word document as title and table in word document of Gainers-HDFCBANK below the table data of Gainers-HDFCLIFE. Likewise I need separate table data into word document respectively for 9 separate sheets in HTML document.
Note that the Gainers-HDFCBANK name is dynamic means it can be different when the process is running for second time or third time.
I actually tried with dynamic selector in Click activity using * in aaname and dynamic selector in tableColumn in Click activity and I have also used InsertDataTableinDocument activity in Word application scope for inserting table in word document. I have also incremented counter value in tableColumn as well. But it is not working for clicking second sheet in Html browser.

But only one single tab is getting clicked and getting converted into word document.

Please help me out with resolution of this issue on urgent basis for converting multiple sheets table data of html into table in word document with separate header.
Please find the attached screenshot for the output word document and HTML document and workflow file.
Rohit Lanjewar (3.1 KB)

NSE_Data_30012021_0404.docx (11.7 KB) (9.1 KB)