Issue integrating uipath with servicenow


I’ve installed UiPathTeam.ServiceNow.Activities from manage Packages. I am able to create ticket using the “Add Incident” activity to the default servicenow /api/now/table

My question is: How to create ticket to custom table?
The default uri is
But i have uri:

How to create ticket to custom table? “Add incident” activity do not allow to change the uri.


HI @Yi_Ying_Lee ,

Can you check for a Activity called Add Task and then try searching for the desired table name and create incident or whatsoever you are trying ?

Let me know if this helps you !!

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv ,

Thank you for your reply.
“Add Task” activity also only allowed to configure the parameter but not the table.

Here in this video on minute 3:05 you will see how to work with a custom object/table:

if you have more custom Stuff here you have a video for Raw REST API commands:

Cristian Negulescu