Issue in upload yearly report Assignment 2

I am trying to upload Yearly Report, but facing this issue as soon as Robot is clicking “Select Report File”. I tried to upload manually to check. but same issue I faced :worried:
What is the reason? is the issue with ACME System1 site?

Yes, some issue with ACME System site. I am also getting error but different one. please try after sometime.

Lakshman Ganta.


Recently there were some reported issues with this fioe upload in the ACME system. Few other guys also encountered it but in a different way… you may try after some time

The same issue is there for today also.
Earlier I was able to upload reports successfully and passed the assignment 2.
If there is issue with ACME system1 what will happen during the practical test within that short 3.5 hrs? :worried:


You can drop mail to UIPath team and tell the issue and ask for extra attempt.
If it is there side problem then they will give one more chance.

Lakshman Ganta.

what is there mail id? I am not aware :worried: