Issue in take a screenshot on VM

@loginerror How can i install on the target machine via the MSI installer Community Edition?

can you please share a url with us?

You should still be able to license your installation with a community license.

@loginerror sir I didn’t get you please can you confirm while I am installing .MSI installer from community edition orchestrator that time there is required licence key from where can I get licence key or is it possible without paid as trail version we can do it please help us we are stuck from long time still we don’t have solution please clear below things

  1. with community edition screen capture automation possible or not on virtual machine?

  2. if yes then please confirm how can we do it ? It will be fruitful for us to understand .

I believe it might not work as expected in some circumstances.

Could you post a screenshot of the splash screen that you see after you run Studio installed via the MSI installer? There should be an option there to allow you to license it with a Community license. This can also be done by connecting your Robot (via the Assistant) to Community Orchestrator.

@loginerror hello sir thanks for update we tried a install a .msi installer from community edition and after connecting machine to orchestrator trying to acquire license from orchestrator with community edition we are getting below error. we are folllowing below steps after installed .msi installer from community edition:

  1. orchestrator is connected to machine with machine key
  2. after that we are trying to start studio getting below error.

Please sir help us

Indeed! I have just double checked and it seems like I gave you outdated information.

Unfortunately, the MSI installer no longer works with the Community license. Therefore, this solution will not work here.

In this case, I would still try to see if the issue can be fixed by running the process on another machine, just to remove the possibility that it is a local machine issue.

In the meantime, I will register this topic in our internal issue tracker for further consideration by our team. I will update this thread when new updates are available.

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@loginerror thanks for update , please let us know after fixing the issue

@loginerror is there any update when can we get the this fix in uipath community edition version please confirm sir


We’re experiencing a similar issue but with the enterprise version.

Our screen resolution is 1920x1080 depth of 32.

The error occurs sporadically and only with the take screenshot activity. This is when we’re unattended.

Have you heard anything more about a solution?

Exact error:
ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The handle is invalid
at System.Drawing.Graphics.CopyFromScreen(Int32 sourceX, Int32 sourceY, Int32 destinationX, Int32 destinationY, Size blockRegionSize, CopyPixelOperation copyPixelOperation)
at System.Drawing.Graphics.CopyFromScreen(Point upperLeftSource, Point upperLeftDestination, Size blockRegionSize, CopyPixelOperation copyPixelOperation)
at UiPath.Vision.UiImage.FromScreenRegion(Rectangle region)
at UiPath.Core.Image…ctor(Region screenRegion)


In this case, please register a ticket with our technical support:

It always helps to push the tickets forward.

Sounds good. If I find anything applicable for this thread from the ticket, I’ll respond here. Thanks!

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Just an update… our issue was related to how we were logging out of bot machines.

For reference, we have “Login To Console” set to “No” and our bot resolution set to 1920x1080 with a depth of 32 through orchestrator.

The problem was that developers and support staff were only disconnecting from the RDP sessions and not signing out of the machines. (We have specific bot user accounts that the team can access to monitor the bots if necessary). Since that bot account was being left signed in, the RDP session set the screen resolution and when orchestrator went to sign in, it was unable to apply the appropriate screen resolution. While I’m not 100% sure of why this was our issue, ever since we have started signing out instead of disconnecting from the bot machines, the exception related to Win32 has not occurred.

Hope some of this information helps!

Hope some of these details help so


I feel the need to answer this once and for all.
In order to explain this, I have to explain complicated stuff(didn’t even realize Windows was this complicated before joining UiPath).

Many UiPath Activities including Take Screenshot requires a Default Desktop where Interactive Window Station is attached. And wow that was mouthful.
Here are some documents you can read.

“default desktop with interactive window station attached”, Let me just call this GUI, because that is what it essentially is. UiPath can run on a session without any GUI being depicted, or GUI being depicted. Typically you should log out of the user instead of disconnect, because UiPath will use the disconnected session when you disconnect(Thats how it works as of 2021/2/17). This session would not have GUI. Taking screenshot requires a GUI, which has the coordinate details of the place to take screenshot, and because the GUI doesn’t exist, you get a null reference error(which in java is called null pointer exception).
Anyways, as dwyrock explained, signing off is needed.



Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Still i got one more problem. If i sign off from the VM the robot gets disconnected from orchestrator. Can you let me know how to handle it

You probably installed your robot user mode and not service mode.

Certain VMs go down when you sign off, and you might need configuration to keep it running while sign off. when the power goes down, a computer cannot connect to Orch, which is obvious, but just making sure I point out because certain VM has power options that either supports power down at sign off, or can suppress power down at sign off.

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HI @Yoshi_Akiyama ,

Thanks for your response,Can you let me know where I can find whether the robot is running in installed as user mode or service mode?.

In the services the uirobot service does not have a user account associated with it. I assume that means the robot is running in the service mode

at this point you should create a ticket. if you have uirobot service, i believe you are an enterprise customer with enterprise contract. doing troubleshooting here doesn’t make sense, although it will be helpful for the community. also I’m not able to provide further support anymore for my personal reasons.

Hi All,
I am facing the same issue , with service mode and enterprise license . As soon as I disconnect to the unattended VM ,Take Screenshot activity starts giving the above specified error. But it is working in Studio with the same package version.

Can please anyone help with this, If this issue has been resolved?

Akanksha Manocha

Hello All,

For me the issue got resolved after converting the random number variable in image path to string instead of generic value. As the filename parameter in save image activity should be a string.
Hope this helps.

Hello All,

Do anyone have any solution regarding the issue??

I raised the support ticket already, but still didn’t found the root cause…

The UiPath Support and me are unable to solve the problem.

The issue I faced :
1.Timeout reached during unattended mode
2.Take screenshot issue

*The issue is just faced when running through the orchestrator, but successfully run when run through the UiPath Assisstant.

Currently, thinking wanted to do from scratch again, but scare that the issue will be faced again later…

Hope someone can share their solutions here.