Issue in setting from Restrict Value Range to Master Record Using UiPath for SAP ECC Prod servers in User Search window

Hi All,
While running the BOT in SAP ECC Prod Servers after entering login passwords using
T-Code, there are 2 screens visible one after another in User Search Window.

  1. User Search Window with Restrict Value Range
  2. User Name in User Master Record

It was working fine before with User Name in User master record using UiPath Run, But now it displays default user search window as Restrict Value range using UiPath.
Do we need to do any changes in the UiPath Studio to make user search window default as "User Name in User Master record. Kindly help.


Hi there,

In the following steps after login, do you specify the browser window to be “USer Name in User Master Record”? If so, no modification to the code is required, assuming in the end state the SAP application is killed/closed.

Otherwise, you may need to have a Parellel workflow to say if “See Search Window with Restrict Value Range” exists, to close the window.

Also, if you need to perform certain steps in that window instead, you may have to use Pick and Pick Branch method to ensure the workflow flows to the correct activities depending on which window (1 or 2) appears.

Hope this helps.