Issue in Selector, Selector's only be valid until that perticular web page is appearing

I’m trying to navigate by following few click’s (Web recording) on some webpage here the issue is Selectors for those clicks are valid only until that perticular webpage is appearing, If I select other opion and ahead to next web page that perticular Selctor turn to invalid, Tried with wildcard but not helpful,
Can someone suggest how do I handle this, Than you

@narendra.vishwanath Welcome to the community!

You can use On Element appear Activity which will wait until your Page with selector appears, Then you can do the next stuff you want to do

Hi buddy,

Use wait element appear or wait for particular image to appear then use the selector. Also increase the time out of wait element activity.

Thanks for response ,
Yes, I tried but that was not helpful,
Error Screen short

Now, This selectors are good on local machine, It’s good even on VM (It’s executing well If I run as Agent) but same script if I run through Orchestrator (Manual or Schedule) it’s through an error as, Error Screen short

Hi buddy,

This error occur because the activity is not able to identify the selector, check the selector in Ui explorer and find what element is changing each time.

Or use CV click activity it can help !