Issue in selecting variable type in variable panel


I encountered the error below while browsing for the more variable type in the variable type drop-down.
I have tried after cleaning the memory space C in the drive also .After sometime, the same error is coming in studio.

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1 ,

Could you provide some more details of the Implementation ?

Is this happening always or at few times ? What is the Compatibility Mode used - Windows Or Legacy ?

Hi @supermanPunch,
It is happening on and off and compatibility is windows project.

@sangeethaneelavannan1 ,

There have been issues reported due to the use of Windows mode recently. This might also be the cause due to a bug/ maybe a particular procedure is not being followed when using the windows mode as it is involving the .net 6 version.

Some other similar bug reports :

However, Could you maybe also provide the System Configuration details. It would be helpful for cross checking.