Issue in Selecting the files on FTP Application

Need to select only (.ACH file) on FTP Application as shown below using UI Element because of security reasons can’t use FTP activities


For this I have build logic - doing (get text) taking all the values into string variable (all_text)
then looping into for each then putting if condition as shown below:


Issue facing : flow is always going into else condition where ACH file not found

Any suggestions or solution on this one.

Thanks in Advance !!

Hi @mittal.abhishek066,

It looks like something (formatting perhaps) is preventing to validate the text correctly. Can you share an extract of the get text values?

Also have you consider using regular expressions instead of Contains?

Below is the extraction from get text activity


Hi @mittal.abhishek066

What are you using in the Input argument for for loop?

If you want to read each line then you need to use str.Split(Environment.NewLine(),Stringsplitoptions.None) in the for loop

Change the type argument to String.


Hi @mittal.abhishek066,

What about below and check attached Xaml

SFTP.xaml (10.0 KB)