Issue in Reading Regex value from excel

@hansen_Lobo You should read regex from Text file.

I doesn’t checked the regex expression is correct or not. But I replaced this one %PlaceHolder% with the variable its working for me @raja.arslankhan

@mkankatala Yeah I got your point but its second step first step is to get regex from excel in correct format.

In the first step he was taking the regular expressions which is stored in the excel.
He want to modify that with the some more data to dynamic the expression I think @raja.arslankhan

Please check; (10.5 KB)

When i try to put that final regex variable in is match activity, it doesn’t work as needed. but when i directly pass the regex to is match activity it works. So I have hardcoded the value in the code as of now, In future will work on it .

and yes, whenever i try to print those variable values in screen it prints out correctly, but while debugging and in watch when check those values the \ will still be present.

@hansen_Lobo Change format of Regex Cell in Excel as text and try again. My file Regex cell is text type.