Issue in Read Column Activity


Read Column Activity fails to read value when there is only one value in the column

Steps to reproduce:

Create a workbook as shown below two variations:

  1. image

  2. image

  3. image

Following is the activity I’ve used :-
Note: I’m reading from cell A2

Current Behavior:

When read column is executed under variation 1 above; we get the following result -

When executed under variation 2; following is the result -

When Executed under Variation 3; following is the result -

Expected Behavior:

For variation 1, the result is correct.
For Variation 2, the items count is correct but there are no item values present.
For variation 3, it’s reading the cell A1 :open_mouth: which is not at all required.

Following code is used for the MessageBox:
"ItemsCount:" & enumColValues.Count.ToString & vbcrlf & String.Join(vbCrlf,enumColValues.ToArray)

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:


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Yep .
If I recall correctly I think I had met this issue before.

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Saw that now.
Seems this isn’t fixed yet. My bots failed badly due to this :frowning:
Do I need to close this thread? There’s no Update for its solution on this issue in that thread as well.
ReadRange is a workaround.

let it open. Lets confirmed by @qateam

It’s a known issue. Please use a workaround for this.

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thank you for the information.
It helped me.

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