Issue in installation of Community Orchestrator


I am facing issue with community version Orchestrator installation. After 50% of installation completion , it is firing error like ‘Unexpected Error’. When I checked the task , I guess it is searching for required applications.
I am installing Enterprise server edition of UiPath
Could you please help me?

Please download community edition and install.
Install enterprise edition only if you have a license.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik but when I am trying to download community edition it is giving me error ‘unknown error from backend’ how can I download community edition with this error?

Could anyone help on this issue?

Hi @RaginiP,

Can you please try downloading from this link UiPath. You’ll see multiple options. Please click on the Community Cloud (Free and Premium License is not required) option. This will ask you to sign in. Please sign in and download the Community Edition. Please Check if this solves your issues. Let me know if you need further help after installation in Robot/ Orchestrator Setup.

Thank you. Happy Automation. :slight_smile:

Hi Satish,

I have followed above mentioned steps but still I am getting error. I have sign up with 2 different email id but still no luck yet.
Can you please share the UiPath team email id who can help me to resolve this issue?


Mentioning @loginerror. I hope he can help you to solve this issue. :slight_smile:


Hi @RaginiP

I believe this issue is now fixed, no? :crossed_fingers: