Issue in element exist

Facing issues in pointing logo in windows tab, navigating from one page to another page, it keep on loading, so we used element exist, to wait til that page loading but we are not able to point that logo.


Which browser are you using ?



Are you able to indicate other elements or not ?

If problem is with every element I guess you didn’t install Chrome extension.

yes i have install the extensions.


Try with Find Image Activity and see once.

yes i have tried this too

It’s not ideal, but have you tried using a delay activity?

when i use delay activity,its default value would be less or more ,so webpage may be loading or unloaded.

I’ve used chrome for my entire training in academy and I’ve found that there are certain java elements or features that can’t be found until a certain time, so I don’t use the default value but rather increased it

Hi @priyankavivek
have you tried installing java extensions as well
If yes show the selector please
Ashwin S