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Hi Team,

When i am trying to Debug the xaml from “Debug” menu,another xaml is opening and debugging for that particular xaml.What could be the issue?


Are these individual xaml files ?

Hey @RajeshT

What is the other xaml field that is opening when you try the debug option?

Also, have you tried the primary debug file option because you are trying to run only that particular file?

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Hi @lakshman @Lahiru.Fernando

Yes,these are individual xaml files.
Is the primary debug option is from “Design” menu?,If yes the behavior is same.
I checked that whatever the other xaml file opened is in bold like below:



Yes both Debug options are same only in Design and Debug tab. Could you please try some other process and let us know it is happening to others or not.


Actually Main file i.e. parent file will show in bold.

Hi @lakshman ,

Yes its same behavior for all xaml files in my project.


Is this project contains Main.xaml file or not ?

Could you please try with some other projects once.

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Hi @lakshman ,

Main.xaml is missing in my project,and i checked in other project Main.xaml is there but still whatever the xaml in bold text that’s opening instead of expected xaml to run.
Thanks a ton for your patience.

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Is this same thing happening when you click on debug file option as well?

hi @Lahiru.Fernando ,

Yes the same behavior when i click on “Debug File->Debug”

I there a way to disable the bold option for the xaml file which is unwantedly opening?

I have deleted the bold text xaml file from project and when i run am getting below error:

Well there is no way to disable a bold highlight file, only thing you can do is to change the bold highlight file to another one. You can right click on the file that you are running and select the option “set as main” so that the file you need to run will be bold. Then try running it and see what happens

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando ,

Followed your inputs and changed my xaml file to “Set as Main” which changed to bold and now its run my expected xaml.
Thanks a ton!!

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman ,

One more help while debugging ,its stuck on For Each loop and its not coming out of “For Each” loop keep on debugging in same for each loop.
Appreciate your help.

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