Issue in closing tabs


I have handled to close the tab with hotkeys in my project. with reference to earlier forums, have placed Ctrl+2w for closing the second active tab and then “Ctrl+w” for closing the current tab.

It works fine for first few runs… intermittently, the tabs are not closing properly (each one).
For eg, in my situation - i have 3 active tabs (say 1A, 2A, 3A), I need to close the 3A after one process, it should continue the process in 2A, and then it should close the 2A once the process is done in 2A. Finally, after entering some other input in 1A, the 2A and 3A will be opened with next actions along with the appropriate input.

In my case here, since if the 3rd tab din close, the automation try to search the fields with the second tab (which wont be there) hence the long process fails… Any solution.

Note : sorry for long not. Appreciate any of your helps.


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@Pradeep.Robot, Have you tried with close tab ? It closes the active tab.

Dominic :slight_smile:

Hi @Pradeep.Robot

Try Close tab activity


Thanks for your input @arivu96 and @Dominic.

Close tab needs to be within the Browser activity. unfortunately i have seperated in to sub flows which wouldnt be coming inside the browser. hence used the hot keys. it worked, but somehow it was closing with some other order (if you read my question above, u would understand my situation there.)

I tried out the Delay for some 1 sec- 2 sec. it is working fine now.