Issue In Automating SharePoint Custom Activity WebLogin


I am trying to use type into activity to enter the username in the below mentioned screen shot(sharepoint custom activity’s weblogin).

The Click activities are working fine(like click on next/sign in button). Even when i am using type into activity the selector is not an issue. it identifies the textbox correctly and highlights too. while running the workflow the type into activity doesn’t throws any error but the values are not entered in textbox. the type into activity executed without any error(but value is not entered) and moves to click on next button activity. and throws username is not valid/entered error. i tried simulate type, click before typing, send window msg…nothing works for me. Can anyone please tell what could be the issue?

the reason why i am trying this sharepoint weblogin(automation) process is because MFA enabled for my account. Is there any other way to automate MFA enabled account to use sharepoint custom activity? i want to read sharepoint list and update sharepoint lists using sharepoint custom activity using MFA enabled account.

Hope will get solution from experts!!!


Try with Enabling Delay Between Keys and give delay

OR try with Set Text activity

Hope this helps you


Dear @Srini84 ,

Thanks for your response. tried both and nothing works for me.

To give you an exact scenario, it is an login page opened when WebLogIn instance is used in sharepoint scope activity(the below mentioned package) with reset credential enabled.

And i am getting the below mentioned error when i use set text activity.

Set Text ‘DIV’: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

any solution you got for above issue, I am getting the same issue, could you please help me if you get any solution?