Issue in Advanced Training Assignment 1: already tried answers written in forums to similar issue

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I’ve completed the Assignment 1 for Advanced Training and tried to run it. The process runs fine but I’m getting the issue: Index was outside the bounds of the array. I’ve tried the techniques mentioned in the answers to similar questions but i still get this in the output after certain transactions and my score is 50/100 and not passed. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

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can you show any details about how you get the transactionID. @AkankshaKhanna

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Could you please show me screenshot condition you mentioned in IF activity under Get TransactionData workflow. So that we can check and let you know.

Thank you for the response and the welcome. I have provided some screenshots above.
Let me know if any additional information is required.

Hi @AkankshaKhanna,

The issue Index was outside the bounds of the array comes when you want to access an item, whose index is greater than the highest available index present in that particular array.
So, please check the above mentioned part carefully.

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Hi Apurba,

Thanks for your response.

I understand. However, how can i change my workflow in this regard?

Kindly let me know.