Issue in adding value to pop up window

I have a similar situation where I am facing issue to add the value to popup window. My job is to click the Find button and once the pop up window appears, add the user name value and enter to get the value populated. However I am unable to add u

se name to Find field. Please advise

Unable to add text to Find option

Are you saying that you are not able to identify that ‘Find’ textbox elements using uipath ? or Its just that the text is not being entered after identifying the element?

Rammohan B.

please post your selector script which is available in property panel

I am adding type into activity where I am adding the screen to the activity. Next is to add the text and hit enter key. That adding text is not happening

Type into : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Herd is the detail:

Looks like your selector is not dynamic enough. Couple of things that you can try:

  1. First of all make sure that your selectors are dynamic & reliable enough. Check the selectors for few instance of that field using UiExplorer and identify the attributes that is dependable and static which doesn’t change every time. You have to include those into your selector.
  2. Add a Highlight Activity with the same selector as ‘Type Into’ and see if the field is actually getting highlighted before the Type Into.
  3. If even after the proper selector it doesn’t work, check the property ‘Click Before Typing’ for ‘Type Into’ activity and test again.
  4. Try adding an Attach Browser for that popup having Find element and then include your ‘Type Into’ activity inside that scope.

Let us know if all these fails for you.

Rammohan B.

Thanks. Issue is resolved now.

Hi Rammohan,
I am working on Edge Browser. and trying to attach the file.

I have tried “High Light” it does not high light the text field. It seems it doesn’t identify the text box.
because of this I am not able to enter file path in pop-up window.

Please error message :


this issue got resolved by using “Click before property”