Issue faced during the Application running in back end

Suppose I am running one Application and if a another software (ex , notepad) gets pop - up ,then my Application will stop running as it gets shifted to back - end .Is there any way that this can be avoided,like the notepads will automatically minimised.

What operations are performed on that application?

I am working a web application .As can be seen in attachment ,I need to insert Amount in text box using type into Activity and to click on save button , i have used 2 times tab and a enter in the same type into activity .i have also enabled send window message.

But this is not working

@Palaniyappan @Pradeep_Shiv

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Hello @Aditya10989,

Enable Click Before Typing and Disable Send Window Message and try, also use seperate Send Hot Keys

if I disable send window message then it not able to work in background

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it has to work!
Try once @Aditya10989

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