Issue // error

I guys I am new to uipath

I am just using read range to read an excel but it’s throwing an error

Please help

Hi @Narendra_N

Welcome to community

Kindly use kill process activity and mention in properties process name as “EXCEL” and set continue on error as true

Hope this helps


Hi @nikhil.girish

I just checked that but still it’s same dunno y even after there is no excel present it’s saying excel being used by other process

Ok @Narendra_N

Can you check via task manager and see if any excel running if so end the task

Great it’s working now .
Thanks a lot

Great @Narendra_N

If you have no more questions kindly close the topic

Sorry I dint get you

I meant close the topic so it would be beneficial to others

Can I know how to do that

Sure @Narendra_N

Hi @Narendra_N

Got it thanks

Np :slight_smile: happy Automation

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