Issue embedding double quotes around String

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I have come across a peculiar problem while running a workflow on a different laptop. The workflow was running without issues on the original laptop that was used to design the workflow.
The issue seems to be simple and is with a “type into” activity which types into the bing webpage search box.
I need to embed a string within double quotes. This was working as expected on the original laptop but when I tried to run this in a new laptop, there seems to be some special characters appearing instead of double quotes.

Below is the string that should be typed into the search box.

“site:” + URL.ToString.Substring(4)+" “+”““AS400"””

A correct sample string typed in should look like the below. “AS400”

But instead, it is getting typed as shown in the image below.

As can be seen, the first “A” character in the string gets typed into as Ä and the double quote is missing.

Please help why this is happening so.

Image mentioned in above question is not appearing.

Below is how the text gets entered. ÄS400"

@thejwal_pavithran, It is because of special character. Usually it happens if you copy paste code from somewhere. Please correct the quote and it should work fine.


“site:” + URL.ToString+" "“AS400"” “

In Details

Try this


Type the below line in the editor window. (Copy pasting from here sometimes changes quotes to special characters)-

String.Format(“Site:{0}”“AS400"”", URL)

After breaking my head for hours, I found out that it is a common issue with dell laptop language settings.

As I mentioned already, the workflow was having issues with only one laptop. I changed the language settings and now it works as expected.

Below link to the dell forum post.

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