Issue creating custom Office 365 Activities

Hi all,

We need additional functionality that the UiPath Office 365 package doesn’t support (such as changing the email-read-status, changing the email subject line, etc). However, we can’t seem to create any custom Office 365 activities because we can’t make a connection in the first place.

We can obviously connect fine using the build-in Office 365 scope, but for custom activities we’d need the connection as a variable to pass into the custom-activity (as far as i’m aware) - and unfortunatly the Office 365 Scope activity doesn’t output the connection variable (unlike the old Exchange Scope activity).

When trying to create a custom connection, I get the error below about requiring netstandard - which I don’t think UiPath supports? There must be some way to do this though, as the offical 365 activities must make a connection themselves…?

Any ideas?