Issue connecting node red with UiPath Orchestrator

Hello -

I am getting an error when trying to kick off a job using the start job node in node red.

There error is “Could not find a process named SSReportNew in Testing”, where SSReportNew is the process and Testing is the environment. It authenticates correctly but is not able to reach the job.

The UiPath Node module is - @uipath/node-red-contrib-uipath-orchestrator version: 1.1.1

Hi @Yusuf_Yasin

Is the code publish

Ashwin S

Hello @AshwinS2 - I am also facing the same issue. I am calling ‘Start Job’ in Node Red to trigger a process named ‘printer’ on my tenant at (community orchestrator). I have provided all the details for the API inputs but it still gives me the exact same error - Could not find a process named printer in Environment

Do find the screenshots attached. Can you please let me know how to fix the problem? I am not able to find any clues because there are no detailed logs and also UiPath documentation doesnt have any additional details on how to debug and what the error means.

It would be absolutely helpful and super beneficial if folks on the forum can share their inputs and solutions.


Hello @Yusuf_Yasin - Did you find a solution to your original post? How did u resolve the issue?

I found the solution.

When creating the process from the package in UiPath Orchestrator, you shouldn’t change the name of the process and leave it to the default name. Then you should add the same name of the process back in Node Red. This is how I made it work.