Issue - Cannot communicate with the browser




I have problems interacting with the browser, I get the following error message:


I have the plugin that mentions installed, to for Chrome, IE and Firefox but the error is the same, perform the steps of the following tutorial but the error persists —>

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Any suggestions?

Thks !


Are you getting the error in all Browser?


Hi @Braki you should install the extension as you can see in the screeshot.


then restart your browser and try again.


I’m having the same problem specifically with Internet Explorer. I’ve tried every step I could find and I’ve spent two weeks researching the issue. I’m currently only getting the error in IE but have had it in Chrome and Firefox as well, I can unfortunately not remember how I fixed them but it was a lot of reinstalling and checking settings, installing extensions and reinstalling UiPath studio.


i have installed all complements for the browsers but the error continue


for the all browsers


Hi Braki,

Did you try to reinstall the browser? What Studio version do you have? And what’s the version of UiPath.Core.Activities package?


yes reinstall UP and the browser, i have the last versión of UiPath, We ask the team administrator to add: the extension, the browsers and the uipath application to the list of firewall exceptions, but the problem persists.