Issue automating with the colors/click image/Image automation


Finding out a new challenge in my dev! please try to provide a solution on the same.

Scenario : Its basically a meeting plot in the calendar. I have to cross an activity by clicking a blue color highlighted area. (shown in the picture 1). once i click that area - It gets expanded like shown in Picture 2. Once its expanded, i exactly need to click only on the blue color area - only if i click on that blue color, i will get the “Create” button enabled to proceed further, if i click in to some other region other than blue the create button will be disabled and i cannot proceed further.

Picture 1:

Picture 2 : (After clicking the time which is blue in color)

My Attempts : I have tried to do with the image target/click image/pick branch etc. It works at sometimes and sometimes it gets struck. what would be the best way to do it, need it flawless as it would be in unattended mode in future.

Challenges : since this is inside frame, there is no proper selector. it will result in common selector like : <html htmlwindowname='*_appWindow' title='Calendar' />
<wnd cls='SunAwtCanvas' />
<java idx='22' role='viewport' />


Any insight on this??? Appreciate your ideas.

Did you try sending hotkeys? Tabs,space, enters

@tdhaene - Yes… Hotkeys are not working there. Eventually, i tried to do manually before automating using hotkeys like tab,enter etc… its been blocked over there.