Issue about robot connect to orchsetrator

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Hi @jmy

Could you specify your issue and create a descriptive topic title?

Having a lot of information to start with makes it more likely that you will get the response to the problem you have encountered.

Not sure if i understand the matter but judging you see a red dot see if below is helpful :slight_smile:

Changed title so that at least members expert in this field can comment. Request you to create a short meaningful title this would be helpful for you only. However Im sorry I didnt get you what you are trying to say.

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As mentioned in the other thread, @jmy have you followed the steps to setup your robot on Orchestrator?
Can you share the screen where you have provisioned your robot and also your UIRobot tray settings?

I don’t have domain I just have workgroup.
Does it matters?

Delete the robot and create a new one. Also open Command Prompt and type whoami this will give you exact machine name with domain if any


or you can right click on This PC/My Computer> Properties and get your Computer Name, use that to register your robot