IsRequired Property for Arguments

Hi Team,

Can anyone please explain the use of “IsRequired” property for the arguments

For example, in the below Screenshot, in the properties panel for the argument in_Name, there is a property called “isRequired”

Surya Suhas

Hi @Suhas_G,

This check box when you select.your in_name is mandatory you need pass value like validation.

When you drag and drop any activity in panel it will show some blue color error to pass value if you select is-required.

Omkar P

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Hi @Suhas_G,

When you want to set a arugument as a mandatory one, then you have to check the IsRequired Check Box.

Say you are invoking a file which has 4 arguments, you are doing some activities in the file, You know 1 argument among the 4 is must in order to execute those activities in the file then you will enable the IsRequired.

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Ranjith Udayakumar