isNothing(Uielement.isvisible) Exception and prompt "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

I use isNothing(Uielement.isvisible), however system Exception and prompt “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, is there anyone can help me? thanks!

I had refer to this topic(Null Exception in UIelement.Isvisible method - #5 by Sudharsan_Ka), however, did not solve my problem.

Hello May be the variable you are using is empty or null

@pawanrajpurohit Yes, you can find the variable is Null from Debug panel. so how can I change this condition ?

Could you please tell me where the saveasfound variable created

@pawanrajpurohit Please refer to below screenshot.

@Lori please check find image activity selectors found or not

@pawanrajpurohit I checked, find image activity selectors did not found, Please refer to my subject screenshot, in fact, I had tried isNothing(SaveAsFound.isvisible) and SaveAsFound.isvisible , both thrown exception.

correct your selectors in find image so value will get in savefound variable. otherwise the exception will through

Hello @Lori
Instead of find image use text exists or element exists and make the bot wait dynamically until save as wizard appears like this

  • Text exist \Element exist
  • Flow decision
    • TRUE:> Click save
    • FLASE:> Join the line to element exists \ text exist


@Sudharsan_Ka Due to certain environment reason, save as appear at develop Env. and did not appear at Production Env, So I need to check whether that element appear, if null, will run other process, however, when it is null, system thrown exception.